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Monday, March 10, 2014

5 SEO Tips for 2014

Why Businesses Need to Rethink SEO

Though not an exact science, SEO provided internet marketers with a somewhat reliable method of optimizing traffic, rankings and conversions. Now, however, in the wake of 2013’s multiple search algorithm changes, experts are scrambling to rethink their game plan and focus on results-driven strategies. As retrieving keyword information becomes more difficult, it has become increasingly obvious that Google’s intent is to reward content-rich websites, not simply keyword-rich websites. Let’s take a look at five SEO tips for marketers in 2014.

Semantic SEO

Gone are the days when black hat – or even gray hat – SEO tactics received a pass from Google. Now, not only are these tactics discouraged, but they could get your website blacklisted. The focus for SEO in 2014 is on originality. In fact, the changes to Google’s penalties have led to a rapid increase in companies turning the focus back to customers, where it ultimately belongs. Businesses are now focusing on semantic SEO.

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