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Friday, May 17, 2013

Facebook Promoted Page Likes

Promoted Pages Ad Overview

New Facebook Promoted Page Likes makes it easy for local businesses to run an ad. No copy needed, only a address and a profile pic. This new Facebook ad option is set to run on a daily spend limit for a specified time frame.

Watch the video and let us know what you think.

Text Transcription Below

Hello this is Victor with Digital Key Design, and I wanted to talk to you today about a new option Facebook has for you to purchase ads. Its call promoted page likes. What it is, is an ad that will show up in the news feed on your phone or on a computer. So if you are looking through your stream, you might see Digital Key Design on there and you can go ahead and press like and like it, and it will say promoted. So it is a new way to get likes, to like your page, and a new way to build your brand. So this is a pretty cool feature in that it is showing up on mobile phones in the news feed. It's not like a promoted post where you say "Hey go check out this special offer.", or "Like this Post." They are actually liking your page so you can keep these people engaged for longer than something like a promoted post. Now who these are targeted for and what they are really designed to do. Facebook was really trying to look here and set them up to work for the local businesses. So in order to qualify for this, your business has to have a location listed. So you have to have a physical address and you have to have a profile picture. Also some... depending upon how you set up the page, like if you set your page up like a blog and then you grew it to a business, you may have to go in and change that, because if you are set up like a blog, it won't let you do it. So once you have a location set up, you can go into your ads management screen inside Facebook. Then you can go ahead and setup a daily budget and then run a promotion for a set number of days. So maybe you choose $10 to run for 7 days, and so you would spend 70 bucks. This can really, really be good to grow the engagement on your page and grow your fan base. That way you can continue to use social media to drive either customers to your website, to your actually business, or just to spread word kind of about the special things that you are doing. Once again this is Victor with Digital Key Design. Go ahead and give the Facebook page likes ad a try and let us know how it comes out. Leave a comment below thanks.

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