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Friday, May 3, 2013

Digital Key Design Blog Upgraded to Google+

I just upgraded the Blog to be linked with the official +Digital Key Design Google+ page. All posts will now be posted by the Author +Cuyler Pagano (me) rather than the previous Digital Key Design profile. Not a huge difference but one worth noting.

The major differences:

1. I can now link directly to Google+ pages and profiles, as above.
2. My Google+ Authorship tags will be added to any posts automatically.
3. I can add new Authors and guest bloggers and then easily attribute the post to them via G+.
4. All comments and shares are displayed at the bottom of each post, making it easier to interact.
5. All posts are optionally shared with followers and everyone in my circles.

I recommend you make the switch for your business blog if it is hosted through blogger. These changes don't seem significant but I can assure you these small tweaks will have lasting effects on the way the social community interacts.

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