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Monday, February 4, 2013

PPCall The Future of Mobile Marketing

Google Adwords has offered for some time now the ability to track conversions on Pay Per Click Campaigns. You can even insert a tracking code to track how many clicks you get on each goal you set up.

Great stuff for marketers who want to better refine their campaigns and show ROI to clients. However the future of PPC is about to get a lot more interesting. Business using pay per click marketing usually fall under two categories; e-commerce sites and business that sell online and those looking to get you to their site before you decide to call or come in person. The later group which makes up most of the service industries rely heavily on calls. They honestly don't care if you visit their website they just want you to call. So the current PPC platforms involves an extra step in that process. Sending potential customer to their website hoping to convert them into calls. What if they didn't have to view your site? What if they just saw the well crafted ads you had created and when they clicked them they would call you? Well this is a  possibility for paid mobile search. You'll have the ability to target mobile users looking to call you now. The best part is you still only pay when you get a call which is really just a click on a mobile ad. This will be an invaluable resource for small businesses everywhere and certainly a game changer for the online marketing community.

Imaging setting different tracking numbers for each campaign you run and measuring not only the click through and call through rates but also if those call lead to sales. I know a few business owners who hate being held hostage by paid listing sites such as Angies list. As PPCall hits I expect to see a good number of early adopters just for the fact that you only spend when you get calls, there's no real risk involved.

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