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Monday, February 25, 2013

PPC & Social : Tag Team SEO Booster

Boost a page's SEO value quickly with a combo of pay per click and social media.

Build it and they will come. Or will they? It's such a cliche saying but it's true. It takes times to build up a website in the search engine rankings and start receiving significant traffic which can be frustrating to most new website owners. I am a Die Hard SEO fan because I'm in it for the long haul. Which is exactly why I would rather spend time, money and effort on SEO and see permanent changes resulting in long term success than spend money on PPC Advertising for temporary results that stop as quick as the cash stops flowing. However if you have no traffic you have to start somewhere and Pay Per Click combined with social media can be an effective way for initial success and a great SEO Booster. Combined they can be used as a way to prime the pump so to speak. Paid Traffic (PPC) to get the traffic flowing and Social Media to keep the pressure on and the traffic flowing.

1. Getting Visitors

Using PPC - pay per click advertising also known as SEM or paid search can be a quick and easy way to turn on traffic to your site. Start with something very minimal at first. One ad with a low cost per click and a low daily budget. Target a fairly large area geographically. Choose one main keyword and several long tails associated.  The goal here is to get a few visitors and a little bit of data to refine your ads. After a week or so  I recommend refining your ads based on whats working well for you. Continue to refine your ad slowly increasing your cost per click and daily budget.

2. Social Shares and Referral Traffic

Using social media outlets to share your targeted URL with your current fans and followers is just the first step. Don't worry if they are already visiting your targeted URL, a friendly reminder never hurts. Just make sure your message is genuine and not spammy looking. Facebook and Google+ you can get away with just posting a URL because they offer a great picture and description add on below. With that said its always better to write a short yet compelling few words about each post. It will increase your click through rates as well as add some good contextual value to your link. If you have cool images or a video on your targeted URL make sure to submit them to their corresponding social media outlets as well as the usual ones. Next reach out to a few key influential friends and ask them if they would help share and promote your post/s. Once you have a few shares and likes you will naturally get even more as a result but don't stop there. This is the critical point where your post can either die out or sky rocket up and to the right. You should write a genuine but more general out reach email asking anyone you think many possibly re-post if they would help share your post. If you get good results you'll have generated a lot of traffic from one link and boosted it's value in the process.

3. Convert for the Link

Don't get me wrong, if you are selling something or signing people up for an email list your pages target conversion should be you first goal and the priority of your campaign. However it is good to have several goals on each page. This way even if the user doesn't sign up or purchase they may still aid your effort. I suggest adding social share buttons near the bottom right of your page. If your content is good and you make it easy, people are more likely to re-share and link to you. When you do get a purchase or sign up you should think about the thank you and success pages. You got the sale or sign up and you know they are interested so why not ask for a share and make it easy. I really like how Amazon lets you share both your purchases and reviews. It's a solid strategy to let your users help you market and build links.

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