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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Genius Valentine's Day Marketing

What are you doing to promote your business for Valentine's Day? 

I came across what I think is a Genius marketing idea implemented by Krispy Kreme. I bought a dozen doughnuts and they gave me a dozen free in the form of 12 Valentine Day Cards. There are three reasons why I like their idea and why I think its a Genius Marketing Tactic.

 1. It adds value to the customer. I was not planning on buying anything for anyone at my office for V-Day, yet they all got a free doughnut. Its not much but as a customer I value something like that. Anytime you can help you customer and make their life easier its a Big Win!

2. It's Free! Other than the cost of the 12 free doughnuts there is no cost to spread the word. Most marketing  involves some costs to get the word out and let them know your running a special. With this your marketers and sales force are your customers. Who better to advocate their product then the guy who buys a dozen doughnuts every weekend. He believes in the product and thus is excited to give out a free doughnut  Valentine's card to his friends and family. Win!

3. No One Eats 1 Doughnut! Its the old sales technique of the loss leader at work here. You give out 1 free doughnut to get them in the door and they buy 12! I'm mean really who only eats one doughnut and nothing else not even a coffee? This strategy is a guaranteed Success! Not to mention the blog coverage (I'm sure I'm not the only one!). It's too bad I sell websites and SEO or I would be implementing this myself. Hey you never know maybe next year you'll get a FREE SEO Audit Valentine's Day Card!

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