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Thursday, January 24, 2013

You Need More than SEO!

Everyone wants to be Ranked #1 or at least rank on the top page of Google within the top 10. This can be a daunting task by it's self and can be the focus of many man hours and hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

So What Happens once you get to the top?

Well of course you have to maintain your rank once you're there but that's not the point I'm trying to making here. The Point  is when does Rank = Sales ? Is Simply Ranking enough?

What keeps your clicks from bouncing? What content engages them? Are your calls to actions set up strategically to convert? Do you even have a call to action, or a goal once clicks are on-site? Do you answer the questions they may have? Is everything they need on page or do they have to click through 2-3 more pages to get to it? Is your landing page visually appealing? These are all questions you should be asking yourself about the pages you have ranking and more importantly the ones you're trying to rank well.

You can convert better and make more Money at lower rankings just by having better User Experience on-site. Once you start converting your site will naturally gain popularity and increase traffic thus boosting your rankings. Its  a Win Win and a fast way to success. Focus on converting the traffic you DO HAVE before spending a ton of money chasing first page rankings!

Blessings and Luck

-Digital Key Design