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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Leveraging More Social Shares

Get More Social Shares from your Social Media Posts

This blog post is dedicated to leveraging more Shares. I use the term leverage because thats exactly what you need to do. Find the Fulcrum Point and move your Audience with the Leverage you've created in your content. If it sounds tricky that's because it can be! If you are completely new to Social Media or just need a refresher I suggest you check out two of our older but still relevant post :
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About Social

Social Media is about PEOPLE!

That's right the people. Not just any people, the people that matter. Hmmm.......

And who are the people that matter you ask?

Potential Customers
Industry Leaders
Industry Bloggers
Industry Reviewers
Local Media
Category Specific Media
Complementary Businesses
Discount, Deal, & Coupon Sites

Those are a few to get you started but the list can grow exponentially once you get going. Focus on just one or two of these categories at a time and slowly increase your interaction. This way you don't get too over whelmed and neglect any one portion. It's like the old saying goes : "Quality not Quantity".

Now you might be asking how do I get these people as friends and followers? And more Importantly how do I get them to share my posts?

Well first lets start with why someone likes and or friends someone. There are a few main reasons I personally friend or follow people and or Businesses. Everyone is different and I am only using myself for this example. For more brand specific data run a survey with your target audience.

1. I know or at least have met you in Real Life (and liked you)
2. You're famous or locally famous (and I like you)
3. I use and Like your Product or Brand
4. You post content I find interesting or useful or entertaining
5. You provide me with fresh content to re-share my Audience

So lets take these one by one shall we:

1. Real Life : Have your social media accounts on your business cards and marketing material and link them to the same email account you use for business. This way when people link their email accounts to social media and they have interacted with you through email the social site will automatically suggest they like you! (FREE Advertising anyone?!) After networking and meeting new people you should immediately search for them on social media using the information on their business card. Often times LinkedIn can be the easiest in a professional setting. I personally try Facebook as well. Once you find them send them a friend request or suggest they like or follow your business page. If you are good friends or had a memorable time meeting, you can post on their wall or tweet/msg them directly with a personal message. If you can't find them send them a friendly email with links to your accounts mentioning how good it was to meet and how you'd like to stay in touch via social. Some people don't want and don't like to be found, in which case this is your only option.
With the technology of smart phones these days most people have their social accounts linked to their cell. This means if you really want to get extreme you can ask they like/follow you on the spot!

2. Famous : This can get pretty hard but their are ways. Get out and meet people, network, go to trade shows, work shops and always have your card and mention what you do. Only continue to talk about if they seem interested! The key is to make an impression people remember, a good one! Find a niche in your market (So Cliche....I know) and focus on it. Be the "______ Guy". If you are the best at or at least pretty good at something you can teach free classes, speak at seminars and local events (Chamber of Commerce can be a great place to get started), or even online webinars. Go to other peoples events and support what they do. Get consistent with your marketing and branding and before long you can start to get known for something specific. From there..... Sky's the limit!

3. Customers : This one is easy. Ask your Customers to like and or Follow You! That's it. Chances are if I use your product or brand I like it. If I like your product or brand but aren't friends or don't follow you it's because you haven't asked nicely.  Shame on you for not asking. What are you waiting for? Ask me already! Put a button on your webpage, a link in your email footer, a special promotion for friends/fans/followers only. You can even ask (fries with that?). Have you liked us on ______!?

4. Useful Content : This one is really important. Once you get people to like and follow you, you have to give them useful content or they will quickly ignore and or forget about you. This means NO SPAM. Post things you yourself would like to see/read about. This can be anything from news, updates, recent discoveries and findings to jokes and funny trending topics. It's really up to you to decide how you want to handle your band and fans. But whatever you do keep it fresh and keep it interesting. A great place to find popular topics is Google Trends. Also remember people are visual so pictures are great and videos even better. Keep up with industry blogs and news sites. If you find something worth sharing do so, but don't just go and re-post everything.

5. Filler Content : Just like at the end of number 4, other people and businesses are constantly looking for other peoples Good and Relevant content to share and post on their feeds. It's just the way the social world works. To be able to tap into that though you need to dedicate to some serious time creating NEW ORIGINAL USEFUL Content that other people will want to scrape as Filler Content.  Thus making you a valuable person/business to follow, friend, and read your blog. Once you have created the content this comes back to simply showing that the content is available. Search for people who are already sharing stuff on similar topics and send them a friendly message with a link to your content. (Hey I wrote this great Blog post on ______. I saw you frequently like/share similar topics and thought you might be interested in checking out. The link is _________.)

 Timing your Post

Timing can be a huge factor in getting shares and likes. A few key factors to consider are: your audience, your topic, your goals for the post. If your goal is to get as many shares as possible for advertising and or marketing purposes your best bet is to start early in the month, early in the week, and early in the day depending. However if you goal is to send traffic to an event or your sale on a specific day/time. Often a last minute friendly reminder can work wonders. You still post ahead of time but don't forget that last reminder it can often make a huge difference. Your topic comes into play for a few reasons. If your posting about a night time event, once in the morning and again around 4:00 when people start getting out of work and start looking for something to do afterward. If on a weekend obviously a Friday would be good. If your topics coffee morning would be best. And sooo on........ Now your Audience. You have to know the habits of your target audience. If your target is other business owners, think of times they are likely to see your posts, probably early in the morning. Where as if you audience is the average working man, you may want to post around 11-12:00, when they might have time to check their account during lunch break. If your target is teens don't worry, because they are always Except maybe early morning on weekends. Are you starting to get the idea. Do the research and make a plan.

Getting the Re - Share

This can be the trickiest part. However chances are if you do nothing else other than what I've previously written you will see a significant increase in follows, likes and shares. But that's not enough is it? Everyone wants to go viral........ Once you have good content worth liking and sharing it comes back to the people. Who you KNOW and who KNOWS YOU. You can have the best content in the world but if no one knows about it then no one can share it. Befriend people with large numbers of followers and loyal friends. Share/Like their content when appropriate, it builds trust and can go along way in getting your content Shared/Liked. It's the Golden Rule for a reason - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. With that said don't be fake and a suck up about it liking and sharing every post. Only the relevant and useful stuff or you'll risk losing your fans and followers which is counter productive. Once you find and befriend the Trend Setters and Brands with massive followers, leverage their social weight. You can do this several ways. This simplest is asking them for their opinion, input or collaboration on a project, survey, blog post or article. In others words include them in your content, and get them involved. This way they will for sure share your post linking to your content about or with them. Often times done just right you can get a good chuck of fans and followers to like and follow your page as well. Another great tactic is by joining groups for a specific topic and cause. One relevant post here and your bound to go viral.


Make a plan and coordinate your efforts to gain maximum and repeated exposure.  Placed in the right place at the right time by the right people, there is no telling what can happen. Good Luck!

For more information on Social Media Marketing please contact Digital Key Design for a free Local Consultation.