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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Guy with Sign Advertising

Guy with a sign Advertising!

I continue to see an increase in the amount of stores resorting to this type of advertising.  I can only think of one question. Is it working? I mean this bring in new traffic. I can certainly think of a better allocation of marketing and advertising dollars that a hourly employee standing (sometimes sitting) by the road with a sign. I can definitely think of a cheaper method.............................. A SIGN POST! But then again I'm a web consultant so I may be bias. The only thing I can think of as to why a business would be doing this kind of advertising is that their location allows for poor road front signage and the town/city ordinances prohibit putting up a colossal sign that can be sign from space. In that case I guess the guy with the sign might be your best bet.

Get Creative
If your going to use this kind of technique at least get creative. That right creative! Put the guy in a monkey suit or make him where a funny costume. I can say I have seen a few pretty creative ideas. There is a Dominoes guy who always has his ipod on blast and is doing the craziest dance moves I ever seen. The golf shop with the golf ball mask or the bar with the guy with the Mexican wresting mask. Chic-Fil-A with the cow costume and Liberty Tax with the Statue of Liberty are also great examples.

None of these guys with signs have made me want to buy anything recently but they have managed to catch my attention. Which means they are working on some level. I did just write a post about it after all! I'm curious if anyone has insight into if this type of thing is working for businesses.

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