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Friday, May 25, 2012

Blogging Penguin Aftermath

Watch out for that Penguin!

After the Big P or the Penguin update as Google likes to refer to it as, the Blog scene has been rather quite.   Maybe it's because people are too busy studying their data and making according changes that they don't have time to blog. Don't get me wrong the Big Players and Usual Suspects are still cranking out content as usual but as a whole I have seen a drastic decrease in blogs post. I myself am a culprit, this being only my second post of the month compared to last's month's 7 posts. I have had other life events that lead to my lack of posts but I doubt the this is true for the lot.

Possible Reason

One possible reason I have concluded is that since low value and spammy blog networks have been devalued the creators of such content have focused their agendas on high value links. This was the goal after all. To stop the SPAM ! Only true content creators will remain as well as those looking to create link bait for traffic and not just link juice.

Another very possible reason is that the creators of above mentioned links are truly reeling from the Big P penalty Google Slapped on them.  They very well may not have time because their too busy putting out fires, lots and lots of fires.  They struggle to have links and content they spent years building removed as quickly as humanly and bot possible.

Another very plausibly reason is blog owners aren't guest blogging or accepting guest bloggers as readily as they once were. You always wanted high quality content on high quality sites but lets face it we don't live in a perfect world. Now webmasters may not be as quick to add your post with a link, and so..... less content published.

All of these things are good! They are stopping crap info and spam networks. These are always good things or an SEO. Even though some SEO consultants try to beat and or out smart Google most of us try to befriend Google.  At the end of the day the less spam on the net the easier it is for great content optimized for the web to rank well, giving user the content they are looking for. That is our job after all. To deliver the content to the user, quick and easy!

You will continue to see posts here at DKD even as we grow and get too damn busy, I will find time.

Have a great weekend!

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