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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Google+ is the newest social networking site to hit the internet. It hasn't quite caught up with Facebook but it is gaining momentum. In less than one year, it has over 90 million users worldwide. Businesses are gravitating towards this new social platform. Google is already instrumental to driving traffic to your website. Most people use this search engine to find products and services. Many business professionals use YouTube to advertise their company. By the way, YouTube is owned by Google. Google+ is another way to send traffic to your website. 
            Google+ works very similar to Facebook. On Facebook, people can “like” your page, status, photos, and other items. This will appear in the user's timeline and increase your visibility.  Google+ users can also “like” your page. It involves adding your business to a “circle.” The main difference between Google+ and Facebook is that Google wants your page to be found. It uses their social media platform to impact the search results. Google+ allows users to share your information with a target audience. Let's say you are posting about an artist's new release. Google+ users can share that post with friends who are interested in that style of music. They could also share this post with people who are interested in similar artists.
            Now that you know about Google+, let's discuss how to get started using this platform. The first step is to sign up for an account. When filling out your page, you want to use popular keywords. This will help your page get ranked high in the search results.  Keep your page interesting, engaging and professional. The goal is to attract new business and maintain existing business. Add links throughout your page. Google+ allows you to add links a variety of different places. Use this to your advantage but don't go overboard. This will also help increase visibility in the search results. Create a compelling tagline to attract customers.  Influence the likelihood of your page viewed by creating a tagline that will hook the user. It will also appear when a user mouses over your business name. Spread the word about your business page. You want people to know that it exists. You can add an interactive badge to your company website. This allows your potential clients to add your page to their circle. Get your employees involved. Encourage them to add your website to their links section of their Google+ page. They can share your page with their circle. This will help your Google+ page spread virally.
            Google+ is the newest social networking site on the web. The number of users is growing daily and this trend is expected to continue. It gives users the ability to “like” your page by sharing with friends who are interested in your company. You should use popular keywords and links throughout your site. This will get your page high in the search results. Google is already successful in driving traffic to your website. Why not use it as a social medium to interact with potential and existing clients?