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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blog on DKD Sub Domain

Finally after a few days of struggling through trial and error processes I was successful in switching this blog to the domain. This blog's official domain is now
I may post about the process of switching your blogger blog over to your own domain in the future. It was enough of a challenge that others may be able to benefit from my mistakes.

I am also going to be trying out some guest bloggers on this blog. This will accomplish a few things for our blog.

1. Create great content for the blog.
2. Give diverse opinions and points of view on several topics.
3. Create the Digital Key Design Blog as a community type atmosphere where people come to learn and discuss (which is my ultimate goal).

So those of you awaiting part 2 and 3 of what is SEO, have no fear. I will be posting part 2 this weekend and part 3 shortly there after. However in the mean time please enjoy any and all of the guest posts that may come.

Also please check out any links posted in such guest posts as this is how the Author gets their cred!

Thanks and please enjoy!

-Cuyler Pagano
Owner & Lead Developer
Digital Key Design

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