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Monday, April 16, 2012

5 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

Increase your Blog Traffic  with 5 simple and easy tactics.

We all want to increase traffic to our blogs because the more readers we have, the better web exposure we get!  Some of the most natural and organic methods of increasing blog traffic are actually the most effective.  Using the five tactics outlined below, you can make a measurable difference in the amount of internet traffic to your blog.

         Be active and visible in the online communities where your target audience already spends time.  Where Madison Avenue advertisers spend billions to figure out how to reach any given demographic, you probably already know where your audience hangs out on the internet. Look for online forums, blogs, and interactive websites with ongoing discussions, and social media circles that relate to the content of your own blog.  Join the sites and communities, and become visibly active with thoughtful comments and judiciously added links to your own content.
         Make it easy for followers to share your content and spread the word to potential new readers through social networking media.  “Sharing” buttons on your blog can enable your readers to publicize your content with a single click of a button, via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Flickr, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, LinkedIn, and a long list of other social networking sites.  Participating in these social networking sites yourself is another way to spread the net for potential followers.  You can adjust your blog settings so every new post will also publish to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other circles, bringing social-circle contacts to the blog itself.
         Read, follow, and comment on other people’s blogs.  Search for blogs with related content, and you will often get an immediate “follow-back” from the bloggers whom you follow.  When they enjoy what they find on your blog, they are also more likely to reference or link to your posts and mention you to their own readers.  Thoughtful comments on other people’s posts might also garner interest from the readers of those blogs, who might check out your blog to look for more material from you.

         Make it easy for readers to follow your blog. Include a “follow” button or email subscription bar, as well as buttons allowing readers to follow your Twitter feed, or connect by networks like Google+ or RSS feeds.  When they follow your blog, one-time visitors become repeat visitors, with regular reminders in their email's inbox or RSS feeds.
         Design your site to be reader-friendly.  An attractive layout, as well as easy-to read fonts and colors, images and graphics, and intuitive navigation can make the difference between a person moving on after a glance and a person returning repeatedly for more.  As you look at various sites online, make a mental note of which layouts are difficult to navigate, which backgrounds make for difficult reading, and which types of navigational structures are confusing and frustrating--and avoid making those mistakes yourself!

These five simple strategies can organically build your readership. In this age of social networking, “readership” is a gift that keeps on giving, as your existing readers share and bring more readers to you.

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