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Thursday, April 19, 2012

10 Apps: Business Enthusiasts Can't Do Without!

In order to remain professionals, business specialists must have only the best apps. As business people only want what’s great and innovative, they like pay close attention to app marketing nowadays, as this is the latest method of advertising that can really boost businesses revenue, regardless of the field of activity.     
Evernote & Springpad
The first in the top of these ten great marketing apps for managing time, increasing productivity and organizing is called Evernote & Springpad. Even if these are in fact two apps, just because they have the same purpose makes everybody regard them as one. These programs are great for quickly sorting files, and in fact every piece of information you have noted in the form of voice recordings, texts or images. With them, you can also synchronize mobile notes and desktops, but additionally with Springpad you can also create barcode notes.
The second app is ListPro, a simple program that lets you create the lists you need in a very simple manner. The multiple formatting options allow you to create from simple grocery lists to really complex maps of tasks related to work projects.
In third place is Calengoo. If you use Google Calendars, this app lets you access and then edit your Google Calendars from your phone. This way, you can view your monthly events and even add tasks to the days that follow, regardless of where you are.
In fourth place, we have Due. This is a very simple app that will allow you to create assignments and also schedule reminders. In addition, this app also comes with a timer you can use in order to see how much time you spent on performing different tasks.
Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite
On number 5 we have an app called Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite. It allows you to access, modify and share your Microsoft Office documents, whatever their form is. Therefore, by using it you’ll never be stuck without your most important documents ever again.
Read It Later
The Read It Later app is sixth place from the top. If your job consists in reading a lot and also doing research, then this is the app for you. With it, you can send web pages and articles to your phone and therefore eliminate the need of bookmarks and saved browser tabs.
The TripIt app is perfect for you in case you’re traveling a lot. With it, you can simply sign up to confirm your flight, your hotel reservation and your rental car info. In addition, this app will be able to create for you, upon request, a very detailed itinerary.
Dragon Dictation
8th place belongs to the Dragon Dictation app which is the perfect one for you in case you’re a person who likes to perform multiple tasks at once. This app can convert speeches into texts, dictate e-mails for you, text messages, and so on, without you ever losing time with this again.
Text’n Drive
In 9th place you can find the Text’n Drive app, perfect for converting texts into speeches, reading instant messages, and letting you concentrate on driving while working n your interest.
Last, but not least, the LinkedIn app is perfect for business professionals, as it allows them to instantly add contacts to their network, and also stay in contact even if they’re offline. There’s nothing better for boosting your networking and productivity than LinkedIn.  

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