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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ABC's of Search Engine Optimization

Google is fast and getting even faster. Instant search has been giving us suggestions on what we may be searching for with only one letter. As you continue to type Google continues to get more accurate with its guesses until there are 5 possible alterations of the word you're looking to search for. It only makes sense to stop typing and click one of the listed possibilities. So what does this have to do with SEO? Well instant search is changing they way we interact with our search engine and by default how we should optimize. After reading this post I decided I wanted to take the instant SEO chart one step further. So I made this chart for the first 3 letters of the alphabet going 2 letters deep. The results also have locations factored in so anytime I started getting Spanish results (I'm in Albuquerque, New Mexico) I would cross reference with the same search done from New York. This will give you a base idea and something to start with however by no means is this the end all be all. Google is constantly changing its algorithm. Combine that with the vastly different results based on location and then factor in whatever is popular at the present moment mixed with anything you may have +1'd and you will have a completely different instant search result. I  did try to reference theses across two locations New York and Albuquerque so that this may be beneficial to a wider audience.

This is important to track and study from a SEO standpoint because it gives a little insight into what Google thinks is popular. Let me rephrase that: It tells you what Google knows is most popular at the time. Try typing your keywords one letter at a time and track what Google comes back with.


amazon aaa abc family act
american airlines aapl abc news weather accuweather
aol aarons abc act of valor

addicting games aeropostale affect vs effect agame
adobe aetna affinity age of war
adele aes aflac agnostic

ahrc airline tickets ajc ako
aha air force ajax akc
ahima aim aj lee ak 47

aldo amazon android market aol
allrecipes american airlines anthroplogie aon
allstate american express angry birds aopa

apple aquarius armani ashley furniture
app aqueduct  area codes ask
apa format aquagrill archer asus
att autozone avg awolnation
athleta autotrader avis awake
atlantis audacity avon awkward family photos

axl rose ayn rand az map
axe ayahuasca az lottery
axial ayurvedic aziz ansari

bank of america bank of america bbc bcbg
best buy barnes and noble bb kings bcc
bing babies r us bb&t bccls

bdc best buy bfcu bgr
bdc bed bath and beyond bfro bgames
bddw beyonce bf3 bgc partners

bharat movies bing bjs bk menue
bhldn big bang theory bjork bk honda
bh comsmetics big lots bj penn bke jeans

blockbuster bmi bnsf bones
blogger bmw bnp boost mobile
blue book bmw motorcycles bn box head

bp blue q breaking bad bsf
bpa bq breaking dawn part 2 bsa
bp jobs bqpa brainpop bsf lessons

BT BU BV BW burlington coat  factory bvlgari bwi
bti burger king bvac ammo bww
btd5 budget bvsn bwcinema

bx holloman afb byu bzzagent
bx1000g byu basketball bz grill
bxslider byutv bzp


craigslist carmax cbs ccleaner
cool math games capital one cbs sports
cnn cartoon network cbs news cccp

cdc centurylink cfr cgc
cdot century bank cfa cgi
cdnn celebrity apprentice cfc cgtalk

chase city of….. cj box cky
cheap flight citibrands cj wilson ckrc
cheaper than dirt citibank cj banks cks

club penguin cm to inches cnn continental airlines
cleverbot cm punk cnet costco
classzone cm to feet cnbc cool math games

cpi cq/cx craigslist csi
cpk cq researcher crate and barrel csu
cpa cqp crossfit css

cthulhu currency converter cvs cw shows
ctlhelp cubefield cvs pharmacy cw post
ctrl alt del current events cvs caremark cw gossip girl
cxxvi cyanide and happiness czech republic
cx-5 cydia czechoslovakia
cxracing cycletrader cz rifles

 Feel free to take this even one step further................just make sure to send me the link!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

10 Apps: Business Enthusiasts Can't Do Without!

In order to remain professionals, business specialists must have only the best apps. As business people only want what’s great and innovative, they like pay close attention to app marketing nowadays, as this is the latest method of advertising that can really boost businesses revenue, regardless of the field of activity.     
Evernote & Springpad
The first in the top of these ten great marketing apps for managing time, increasing productivity and organizing is called Evernote & Springpad. Even if these are in fact two apps, just because they have the same purpose makes everybody regard them as one. These programs are great for quickly sorting files, and in fact every piece of information you have noted in the form of voice recordings, texts or images. With them, you can also synchronize mobile notes and desktops, but additionally with Springpad you can also create barcode notes.
The second app is ListPro, a simple program that lets you create the lists you need in a very simple manner. The multiple formatting options allow you to create from simple grocery lists to really complex maps of tasks related to work projects.
In third place is Calengoo. If you use Google Calendars, this app lets you access and then edit your Google Calendars from your phone. This way, you can view your monthly events and even add tasks to the days that follow, regardless of where you are.
In fourth place, we have Due. This is a very simple app that will allow you to create assignments and also schedule reminders. In addition, this app also comes with a timer you can use in order to see how much time you spent on performing different tasks.
Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite
On number 5 we have an app called Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite. It allows you to access, modify and share your Microsoft Office documents, whatever their form is. Therefore, by using it you’ll never be stuck without your most important documents ever again.
Read It Later
The Read It Later app is sixth place from the top. If your job consists in reading a lot and also doing research, then this is the app for you. With it, you can send web pages and articles to your phone and therefore eliminate the need of bookmarks and saved browser tabs.
The TripIt app is perfect for you in case you’re traveling a lot. With it, you can simply sign up to confirm your flight, your hotel reservation and your rental car info. In addition, this app will be able to create for you, upon request, a very detailed itinerary.
Dragon Dictation
8th place belongs to the Dragon Dictation app which is the perfect one for you in case you’re a person who likes to perform multiple tasks at once. This app can convert speeches into texts, dictate e-mails for you, text messages, and so on, without you ever losing time with this again.
Text’n Drive
In 9th place you can find the Text’n Drive app, perfect for converting texts into speeches, reading instant messages, and letting you concentrate on driving while working n your interest.
Last, but not least, the LinkedIn app is perfect for business professionals, as it allows them to instantly add contacts to their network, and also stay in contact even if they’re offline. There’s nothing better for boosting your networking and productivity than LinkedIn.  

Monday, April 16, 2012

5 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

Increase your Blog Traffic  with 5 simple and easy tactics.

We all want to increase traffic to our blogs because the more readers we have, the better web exposure we get!  Some of the most natural and organic methods of increasing blog traffic are actually the most effective.  Using the five tactics outlined below, you can make a measurable difference in the amount of internet traffic to your blog.

         Be active and visible in the online communities where your target audience already spends time.  Where Madison Avenue advertisers spend billions to figure out how to reach any given demographic, you probably already know where your audience hangs out on the internet. Look for online forums, blogs, and interactive websites with ongoing discussions, and social media circles that relate to the content of your own blog.  Join the sites and communities, and become visibly active with thoughtful comments and judiciously added links to your own content.
         Make it easy for followers to share your content and spread the word to potential new readers through social networking media.  “Sharing” buttons on your blog can enable your readers to publicize your content with a single click of a button, via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Flickr, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, LinkedIn, and a long list of other social networking sites.  Participating in these social networking sites yourself is another way to spread the net for potential followers.  You can adjust your blog settings so every new post will also publish to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other circles, bringing social-circle contacts to the blog itself.
         Read, follow, and comment on other people’s blogs.  Search for blogs with related content, and you will often get an immediate “follow-back” from the bloggers whom you follow.  When they enjoy what they find on your blog, they are also more likely to reference or link to your posts and mention you to their own readers.  Thoughtful comments on other people’s posts might also garner interest from the readers of those blogs, who might check out your blog to look for more material from you.

         Make it easy for readers to follow your blog. Include a “follow” button or email subscription bar, as well as buttons allowing readers to follow your Twitter feed, or connect by networks like Google+ or RSS feeds.  When they follow your blog, one-time visitors become repeat visitors, with regular reminders in their email's inbox or RSS feeds.
         Design your site to be reader-friendly.  An attractive layout, as well as easy-to read fonts and colors, images and graphics, and intuitive navigation can make the difference between a person moving on after a glance and a person returning repeatedly for more.  As you look at various sites online, make a mental note of which layouts are difficult to navigate, which backgrounds make for difficult reading, and which types of navigational structures are confusing and frustrating--and avoid making those mistakes yourself!

These five simple strategies can organically build your readership. In this age of social networking, “readership” is a gift that keeps on giving, as your existing readers share and bring more readers to you.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

So what is SEO Really?

 Part 2 of the previous post What is SEO?

So now that we have established what the dictionary says SEO or Search Engine Optimization is, lets get into what all that really means.

SEO is an ART!

I say this because there are many different strategies, styles and approaches to what SEO is and how it is accomplished. The SEO's tools include Onsite Optimization, Meta Tag Optimization, Keyword Optimization, Social Media, e-Marketing, User Experience, Content Creation and of course possibly the most important Link Building.

Wow that's a lot of stuff and that just the tip of the iceberg. You can probably see how with all these tools you could create vastly different pieces of SEO art. No two SEO campaigns will ever be the same and nor should they be. Every website and business is different and will benefit from different applications of your SEO consultants skills and tools.

Ok........but what is SEO Really?

SEO is reaching your target audience.

Well how do I know who my target audience is?

The people searching for your product, service or business are your target audience. They are actively researching and ready to buy your product or service. It amazes me how little some people seem to care about SEO or can't even seem to grasp why they would need or want it. SEO is the equivalent of advertising and marketing to only the customers who want to buy your product or service NOW!

Let me give you an analogous example:

Two college students after a long night of studying decide to grab a bite to eat. One says to the other "I  want to get some pizza, do you know of a good place to grab a slice?" Instantly he is smacked in the face with a flyer for $1.00 slices after midnight, "A College Student Special!". The two hop in the car and head to pizza shop.

This is what SEO is. Putting your product in front of people looking for it NOW! If your not using SEO your losing out on free customers. Lets be honest, who still uses the phone book? NO ONE!
Why because Google is smarter and faster, will give me prices, specials, and even show me pictures. That's why.

If your web site can't be found on the first few pages of Google when your target keywords are searched your website is just an online business brochure. People who already know of your business and website will visit for more info and to check you latest specials. But your not earning revenue from new customers in fact your probably not even getting any new page visits.

Ok so now that you rank on Google whats next?

Now that your getting impression from people searching your keyword you need to convert those impressions into clicks. This is what is referred to as CTR or Click Through Rate. This is the percentage of people who see you website listing and actually click on it. Even if you have great onsite OP and your getting listed, it does no good unless people actually click on your link and visit your site.

Now that they are there....

Once we have new visitors to our site we need to give them the content they are looking for and make it easy to find and use. If the user doesn't immediately find what they are looking for they will leave. This is what is called Bounce Rate. The percentage of people who visit your site who instantly leave. Not only is this bad because your losing potential money and customers but it actually negatively effects how Google ranks your page. Why? This is because Google want to provide the searcher with the best possible content. If you have a high bounce rate Google thinks your content and User Experience suck (which it probably does).

Time to Convert....

Now that we have actively engaged our users and provided them the content they desire the next step is to turn them into Customers. This is most likely the most important step for online businesses and the only thing most business owners care about. Unfortunately most people don't understand it's not that simple. It's actually a long and complicated process that takes skill and practice.

So to recap.....

SEO is the art of getting your webpage ranked on Google for your target keywords. Converting search impressions into clicks. Keeping your visitors on your site by providing great content, and converting page visits into revenue.

Search Optimization is best applied from the very beginning of your websites creation. So hire a web designer who knows what they are doing from the start if you plan on making money off the website.  It will be cheaper in the long run and you will rank much quicker than trying to build your own webpage and then optimizing it after.

Part 3 - What to Expect from SEO?

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Google+ is the newest social networking site to hit the internet. It hasn't quite caught up with Facebook but it is gaining momentum. In less than one year, it has over 90 million users worldwide. Businesses are gravitating towards this new social platform. Google is already instrumental to driving traffic to your website. Most people use this search engine to find products and services. Many business professionals use YouTube to advertise their company. By the way, YouTube is owned by Google. Google+ is another way to send traffic to your website. 
            Google+ works very similar to Facebook. On Facebook, people can “like” your page, status, photos, and other items. This will appear in the user's timeline and increase your visibility.  Google+ users can also “like” your page. It involves adding your business to a “circle.” The main difference between Google+ and Facebook is that Google wants your page to be found. It uses their social media platform to impact the search results. Google+ allows users to share your information with a target audience. Let's say you are posting about an artist's new release. Google+ users can share that post with friends who are interested in that style of music. They could also share this post with people who are interested in similar artists.
            Now that you know about Google+, let's discuss how to get started using this platform. The first step is to sign up for an account. When filling out your page, you want to use popular keywords. This will help your page get ranked high in the search results.  Keep your page interesting, engaging and professional. The goal is to attract new business and maintain existing business. Add links throughout your page. Google+ allows you to add links a variety of different places. Use this to your advantage but don't go overboard. This will also help increase visibility in the search results. Create a compelling tagline to attract customers.  Influence the likelihood of your page viewed by creating a tagline that will hook the user. It will also appear when a user mouses over your business name. Spread the word about your business page. You want people to know that it exists. You can add an interactive badge to your company website. This allows your potential clients to add your page to their circle. Get your employees involved. Encourage them to add your website to their links section of their Google+ page. They can share your page with their circle. This will help your Google+ page spread virally.
            Google+ is the newest social networking site on the web. The number of users is growing daily and this trend is expected to continue. It gives users the ability to “like” your page by sharing with friends who are interested in your company. You should use popular keywords and links throughout your site. This will get your page high in the search results. Google is already successful in driving traffic to your website. Why not use it as a social medium to interact with potential and existing clients?

Blog on DKD Sub Domain

Finally after a few days of struggling through trial and error processes I was successful in switching this blog to the domain. This blog's official domain is now
I may post about the process of switching your blogger blog over to your own domain in the future. It was enough of a challenge that others may be able to benefit from my mistakes.

I am also going to be trying out some guest bloggers on this blog. This will accomplish a few things for our blog.

1. Create great content for the blog.
2. Give diverse opinions and points of view on several topics.
3. Create the Digital Key Design Blog as a community type atmosphere where people come to learn and discuss (which is my ultimate goal).

So those of you awaiting part 2 and 3 of what is SEO, have no fear. I will be posting part 2 this weekend and part 3 shortly there after. However in the mean time please enjoy any and all of the guest posts that may come.

Also please check out any links posted in such guest posts as this is how the Author gets their cred!

Thanks and please enjoy!

-Cuyler Pagano
Owner & Lead Developer
Digital Key Design

Thursday, April 5, 2012

What is SEO?

What is SEO anyway?

SEO is an acronym meaning Search Engine Optimization.

Lets break it down word by word shall we.......

Definition of SEARCH

transitive verb
: to look into or over carefully or thoroughly in an effort to find or discover something: as a : to examine in seeking something <searched the north field> b : to look through or explore by inspecting possible places of concealment or investigating suspicious circumstances c : to read thoroughly : check; especially : to examine a public record or register for information about <search land titles> d : to examine for articles concealed on the person e : to look at as if to discover or penetrate intention or nature
: to uncover, find, or come to know by inquiry or scrutiny —usually used with out
intransitive verb
: to look or inquire carefully <searched for the papers>
: to make painstaking investigation or examination
All of the above would apply in our case of SEO search.

Definition of ENGINE

obsolete a : ingenuity b : evil contrivance : wile
a : something used to effect a purpose : agent, instrument <mournful and terrible engine of horror and of crime — E. A. Poe> b : something that produces a particular and usually desirable result <engines of economic growth>
a : a mechanical tool: as (1) : an instrument or machine of war (2) obsolete : a torture implement b : machinery c : any of various mechanical appliances —often used in combination <fire engine>
: a machine for converting any of various forms of energy into mechanical force and motion; also : a mechanism or object that serves as an energy source <black holes may be the engines for quasars>
: a railroad locomotive
: computer software that performs a fundamental function especially of a larger program
It's number 6 that applies to search engine optimization in this case.

Definition of OPTIMIZATION

: an act, process, or methodology of making something (as a design, system, or decision) as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible; specifically : the mathematical procedures (as finding the maximum of a function) involved in this

So lets recap.......

Search : : to uncover, find, or come to know by inquiry or scrutiny
Enginecomputer software that performs a fundamental function especially of a larger program 
Optimization an act, process, or methodology of making something (as a design, system, or decision) as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible

Search engine optimization is the process of making by design, as effective as possible for a computer performing a fundamental function of  uncovering or finding......YOUR WEB SITE!

That's it! 

SEO is designing and altering your website so that its easiest for users to find on a Search Engine.

Now that we covered the technical aspects of things we can move on to what SEO really is!

Look for "What SEO really is" in a follow up post coming soon........

 Part 2 - What is SEO really?
 Part 3 - What to Expect from SEO?

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