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Saturday, February 18, 2012

SEO Importance: Google+ vs Facebook

When it comes to Social Media there are two main competitors that stand out to me.  Google, with its latest social plug Google+ (+1) and Facebook. You may not consider Google+ a competitor, because lets be honest you've probably never heard of it. One thing is for sure, the future of Search Engine Optimization's content will be based on social driven results. What do you "Like"?

From a consumer stand point its great if used properly by both yourself and your contacts. For example, I search for a restaurant to grab a bite to eat. At the top of my search results would be the restaurants that my friends, family, and business contacts as well as  I had "Liked" or (+1d) . Returning custom tailored results to me specifically as a user and a consumer by cutting down on spam and irrelevant search queries.  Used properly by Web Designers and Search Engine Optimization gurus the struggle to take the #1 rank will fade and the importance will be put on the consumer's usability and likability.

Facebook has a huge advantage when it comes to the information it has on the user as well as the massive amount of current users. However,  Facebook's search is nothing like Google's and it hasn't seemed to be able to gain the credibility. Personally my moneys on Google+. Google already has the best search engine as well as You-Tube, Blogger, Gmail, Google Places, Google Docs, News Feeds, Maps, Analytics, Ratings, and now Google+.

The ultimate decision will be for the Users and Consumers to decide.  Only time will tell......

What do you think?

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