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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Business Facebook 101

Facebook is the most used website on the internet. Second place is Google and if people are on Google they are most likely searching for something. Google is a search engine after all. Google happens to be smart enough to know Facebook is the most used site, and Google wants to recommend the best possible results to you the user. What better results than the most used website? Needless to say Facebook is a HUGE player in SEO and Social Media Marketing.

A couple basic Facebook rules your business should follow. Probably?!

1.  Engage your fans don't Bore them! 

Your posts should draw your fans in, linking to interesting content on your blog or website. Don't write long winded post and expect users to read them. Just give them enough to entice them and if they're interested they will follow your link to your website. That is the ultimate goal anyway isn't it?!

2.  Don't Flood your fans Feed!

We call that SPAM! As a rule of thumb you should never post more than three status updates a day. If you find yourself doing this it's probably time for a Twitter account. To take it one step further spread your post over the course of the day to avoid looking spammy and to ensure maximum exposure. The quickest way to get your feeds hidden, and or unliked is to spam your fans feed with irrelevant content. On the flip side of the coin make sure you don't neglect your page. A minimum of 1 post a week and really it should be more like 1 a day.

3. Give people a reason to LIKE you!
Digital Key Design on Facebook

Offer specials and deals only available to fans of your page. You can also release information and breaking news on Facebook so your fans are the first to know. Keep your status updates fresh and try to post as much original content as possible. Post pictures and encourage people to interact with your business just like they would one of their friends.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

SEO Importance: Google+ vs Facebook

When it comes to Social Media there are two main competitors that stand out to me.  Google, with its latest social plug Google+ (+1) and Facebook. You may not consider Google+ a competitor, because lets be honest you've probably never heard of it. One thing is for sure, the future of Search Engine Optimization's content will be based on social driven results. What do you "Like"?

From a consumer stand point its great if used properly by both yourself and your contacts. For example, I search for a restaurant to grab a bite to eat. At the top of my search results would be the restaurants that my friends, family, and business contacts as well as  I had "Liked" or (+1d) . Returning custom tailored results to me specifically as a user and a consumer by cutting down on spam and irrelevant search queries.  Used properly by Web Designers and Search Engine Optimization gurus the struggle to take the #1 rank will fade and the importance will be put on the consumer's usability and likability.

Facebook has a huge advantage when it comes to the information it has on the user as well as the massive amount of current users. However,  Facebook's search is nothing like Google's and it hasn't seemed to be able to gain the credibility. Personally my moneys on Google+. Google already has the best search engine as well as You-Tube, Blogger, Gmail, Google Places, Google Docs, News Feeds, Maps, Analytics, Ratings, and now Google+.

The ultimate decision will be for the Users and Consumers to decide.  Only time will tell......

What do you think?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Birth of the DKD Blog

Part of the new website build will include social media, e-marketing, search engine optimization, and of course this Blog!

Keep an eye out for engaging relevant blog posts that will be coming soon!

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