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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sorry August

I really dropped the ball on my two post per month minimum as far as August goes, so......... Sorry August. Here we are now September wow time flies!

I started this project which evolved into a business almost a year ago. October to be exact. Well actually it started way before that but the official start was October. Then I became a Tax Paying business in January and we didn't see a true profit until months after. It's been a slow start but the business is still a baby. Just learning to operate and building the strength to one day walk.

Its been a fun and exciting process that I know is only going to get more interesting!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Digital Key Design Climbs for Kids

DKD Climbing for Kids

Digital Key Design is delighted to be joining MegaPath this year in their 7th annual Climb for Kids.  We will be climbing Mt. Bierstadt (14,264’) in a quest for the healthier lives of children.  It is a family event with over 200 people participating every year!  We will be raising money for Children’s Hospital Colorado Heart Institute and the Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect at Anschutz Medical Campus.  The two charities will receive 100% of the raised dollars.  This year the event will be in memory of Jason T. Pearl,  brother of one of the founding partners of IP5280 which is now MegaPath.  Jason had a life-saving surgery in 1991 to replace an aortic valve at 11 years old.  It was a break-through surgery and he had an amazing recovery.  He sadly passed away this past March and now this event is dedicated to his memory.

You can be a part of this great cause!  All you need to do is click here to make a donation.  Any amount is greatly appreciated and is going toward a great cause…helping children!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Leveraging More Social Shares

Get More Social Shares from your Social Media Posts

This blog post is dedicated to leveraging more Shares. I use the term leverage because thats exactly what you need to do. Find the Fulcrum Point and move your Audience with the Leverage you've created in your content. If it sounds tricky that's because it can be! If you are completely new to Social Media or just need a refresher I suggest you check out two of our older but still relevant post :
Business Facebook 101 & Google + for your Business

About Social

Social Media is about PEOPLE!

That's right the people. Not just any people, the people that matter. Hmmm.......

And who are the people that matter you ask?

Potential Customers
Industry Leaders
Industry Bloggers
Industry Reviewers
Local Media
Category Specific Media
Complementary Businesses
Discount, Deal, & Coupon Sites

Those are a few to get you started but the list can grow exponentially once you get going. Focus on just one or two of these categories at a time and slowly increase your interaction. This way you don't get too over whelmed and neglect any one portion. It's like the old saying goes : "Quality not Quantity".

Now you might be asking how do I get these people as friends and followers? And more Importantly how do I get them to share my posts?

Well first lets start with why someone likes and or friends someone. There are a few main reasons I personally friend or follow people and or Businesses. Everyone is different and I am only using myself for this example. For more brand specific data run a survey with your target audience.

1. I know or at least have met you in Real Life (and liked you)
2. You're famous or locally famous (and I like you)
3. I use and Like your Product or Brand
4. You post content I find interesting or useful or entertaining
5. You provide me with fresh content to re-share my Audience

So lets take these one by one shall we:

1. Real Life : Have your social media accounts on your business cards and marketing material and link them to the same email account you use for business. This way when people link their email accounts to social media and they have interacted with you through email the social site will automatically suggest they like you! (FREE Advertising anyone?!) After networking and meeting new people you should immediately search for them on social media using the information on their business card. Often times LinkedIn can be the easiest in a professional setting. I personally try Facebook as well. Once you find them send them a friend request or suggest they like or follow your business page. If you are good friends or had a memorable time meeting, you can post on their wall or tweet/msg them directly with a personal message. If you can't find them send them a friendly email with links to your accounts mentioning how good it was to meet and how you'd like to stay in touch via social. Some people don't want and don't like to be found, in which case this is your only option.
With the technology of smart phones these days most people have their social accounts linked to their cell. This means if you really want to get extreme you can ask they like/follow you on the spot!

2. Famous : This can get pretty hard but their are ways. Get out and meet people, network, go to trade shows, work shops and always have your card and mention what you do. Only continue to talk about if they seem interested! The key is to make an impression people remember, a good one! Find a niche in your market (So Cliche....I know) and focus on it. Be the "______ Guy". If you are the best at or at least pretty good at something you can teach free classes, speak at seminars and local events (Chamber of Commerce can be a great place to get started), or even online webinars. Go to other peoples events and support what they do. Get consistent with your marketing and branding and before long you can start to get known for something specific. From there..... Sky's the limit!

3. Customers : This one is easy. Ask your Customers to like and or Follow You! That's it. Chances are if I use your product or brand I like it. If I like your product or brand but aren't friends or don't follow you it's because you haven't asked nicely.  Shame on you for not asking. What are you waiting for? Ask me already! Put a button on your webpage, a link in your email footer, a special promotion for friends/fans/followers only. You can even ask (fries with that?). Have you liked us on ______!?

4. Useful Content : This one is really important. Once you get people to like and follow you, you have to give them useful content or they will quickly ignore and or forget about you. This means NO SPAM. Post things you yourself would like to see/read about. This can be anything from news, updates, recent discoveries and findings to jokes and funny trending topics. It's really up to you to decide how you want to handle your band and fans. But whatever you do keep it fresh and keep it interesting. A great place to find popular topics is Google Trends. Also remember people are visual so pictures are great and videos even better. Keep up with industry blogs and news sites. If you find something worth sharing do so, but don't just go and re-post everything.

5. Filler Content : Just like at the end of number 4, other people and businesses are constantly looking for other peoples Good and Relevant content to share and post on their feeds. It's just the way the social world works. To be able to tap into that though you need to dedicate to some serious time creating NEW ORIGINAL USEFUL Content that other people will want to scrape as Filler Content.  Thus making you a valuable person/business to follow, friend, and read your blog. Once you have created the content this comes back to simply showing that the content is available. Search for people who are already sharing stuff on similar topics and send them a friendly message with a link to your content. (Hey I wrote this great Blog post on ______. I saw you frequently like/share similar topics and thought you might be interested in checking out. The link is _________.)

 Timing your Post

Timing can be a huge factor in getting shares and likes. A few key factors to consider are: your audience, your topic, your goals for the post. If your goal is to get as many shares as possible for advertising and or marketing purposes your best bet is to start early in the month, early in the week, and early in the day depending. However if you goal is to send traffic to an event or your sale on a specific day/time. Often a last minute friendly reminder can work wonders. You still post ahead of time but don't forget that last reminder it can often make a huge difference. Your topic comes into play for a few reasons. If your posting about a night time event, once in the morning and again around 4:00 when people start getting out of work and start looking for something to do afterward. If on a weekend obviously a Friday would be good. If your topics coffee morning would be best. And sooo on........ Now your Audience. You have to know the habits of your target audience. If your target is other business owners, think of times they are likely to see your posts, probably early in the morning. Where as if you audience is the average working man, you may want to post around 11-12:00, when they might have time to check their account during lunch break. If your target is teens don't worry, because they are always Except maybe early morning on weekends. Are you starting to get the idea. Do the research and make a plan.

Getting the Re - Share

This can be the trickiest part. However chances are if you do nothing else other than what I've previously written you will see a significant increase in follows, likes and shares. But that's not enough is it? Everyone wants to go viral........ Once you have good content worth liking and sharing it comes back to the people. Who you KNOW and who KNOWS YOU. You can have the best content in the world but if no one knows about it then no one can share it. Befriend people with large numbers of followers and loyal friends. Share/Like their content when appropriate, it builds trust and can go along way in getting your content Shared/Liked. It's the Golden Rule for a reason - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. With that said don't be fake and a suck up about it liking and sharing every post. Only the relevant and useful stuff or you'll risk losing your fans and followers which is counter productive. Once you find and befriend the Trend Setters and Brands with massive followers, leverage their social weight. You can do this several ways. This simplest is asking them for their opinion, input or collaboration on a project, survey, blog post or article. In others words include them in your content, and get them involved. This way they will for sure share your post linking to your content about or with them. Often times done just right you can get a good chuck of fans and followers to like and follow your page as well. Another great tactic is by joining groups for a specific topic and cause. One relevant post here and your bound to go viral.


Make a plan and coordinate your efforts to gain maximum and repeated exposure.  Placed in the right place at the right time by the right people, there is no telling what can happen. Good Luck!

For more information on Social Media Marketing please contact Digital Key Design for a free Local Consultation.

Friday, July 13, 2012

SEO Albuquerque & Rio Rancho

SEO - Search Engine Optimization for Albuquerque and Rio Rancho New Mexico

Digital Key Design is a Web Based Technology Company. We specialize in custom Web Based Solutions. Offering a wide range of services that will help establish and grow your business's web presence. The future of business and commerce will take place on the web.
Let us open the Doors to your Success!

List of SEO Sevices 
  • On site Optimization
  •  Keyword Optimization
  • META Tag Optimization
  • Local SEO 
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Link Building
  • Referral Marketing 
  • PPC Advertising
  • Web Consulting
  • Web Design 
  • Company Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • And many more.......

 For More Information Please Visit us at: Digital Key Design Web Consulting or Albuquerque SEO

SEO Albuquerque Search Engine Optimization Services
Digital Key Design Web Design

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Guy with Sign Advertising

Guy with a sign Advertising!

I continue to see an increase in the amount of stores resorting to this type of advertising.  I can only think of one question. Is it working? I mean this bring in new traffic. I can certainly think of a better allocation of marketing and advertising dollars that a hourly employee standing (sometimes sitting) by the road with a sign. I can definitely think of a cheaper method.............................. A SIGN POST! But then again I'm a web consultant so I may be bias. The only thing I can think of as to why a business would be doing this kind of advertising is that their location allows for poor road front signage and the town/city ordinances prohibit putting up a colossal sign that can be sign from space. In that case I guess the guy with the sign might be your best bet.

Get Creative
If your going to use this kind of technique at least get creative. That right creative! Put the guy in a monkey suit or make him where a funny costume. I can say I have seen a few pretty creative ideas. There is a Dominoes guy who always has his ipod on blast and is doing the craziest dance moves I ever seen. The golf shop with the golf ball mask or the bar with the guy with the Mexican wresting mask. Chic-Fil-A with the cow costume and Liberty Tax with the Statue of Liberty are also great examples.

None of these guys with signs have made me want to buy anything recently but they have managed to catch my attention. Which means they are working on some level. I did just write a post about it after all! I'm curious if anyone has insight into if this type of thing is working for businesses.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

DKD is World Wide! (Web?)


I hope you get the title!

I wanted to dedicate this post to my world wide viewers. Shout out to Germany! Shout out to Russia! Shout out to the United Kingdom! Top three non US based viewers!

I'm glad that my content has been so far reaching thus far and I hope my reach continues to grow. Hopeful the content you are finding here is both relevant and useful where ever in the world you are. My goal is to create useful content for everyone!

Anyone interested in all the stats, here they are!


-the Digital Key Design Team

Pageviews by Countries
United States
United Kingdom

Friday, June 15, 2012

SEO Vendor vs SEO Consultant

Here's a great video on the difference between an SEO Consultant and a SEO Vendor.

At this point Digital Key Design is a combo of both. However we lean heavy to the consulting side of things!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Blogging Penguin Aftermath

Watch out for that Penguin!

After the Big P or the Penguin update as Google likes to refer to it as, the Blog scene has been rather quite.   Maybe it's because people are too busy studying their data and making according changes that they don't have time to blog. Don't get me wrong the Big Players and Usual Suspects are still cranking out content as usual but as a whole I have seen a drastic decrease in blogs post. I myself am a culprit, this being only my second post of the month compared to last's month's 7 posts. I have had other life events that lead to my lack of posts but I doubt the this is true for the lot.

Possible Reason

One possible reason I have concluded is that since low value and spammy blog networks have been devalued the creators of such content have focused their agendas on high value links. This was the goal after all. To stop the SPAM ! Only true content creators will remain as well as those looking to create link bait for traffic and not just link juice.

Another very possible reason is that the creators of above mentioned links are truly reeling from the Big P penalty Google Slapped on them.  They very well may not have time because their too busy putting out fires, lots and lots of fires.  They struggle to have links and content they spent years building removed as quickly as humanly and bot possible.

Another very plausibly reason is blog owners aren't guest blogging or accepting guest bloggers as readily as they once were. You always wanted high quality content on high quality sites but lets face it we don't live in a perfect world. Now webmasters may not be as quick to add your post with a link, and so..... less content published.

All of these things are good! They are stopping crap info and spam networks. These are always good things or an SEO. Even though some SEO consultants try to beat and or out smart Google most of us try to befriend Google.  At the end of the day the less spam on the net the easier it is for great content optimized for the web to rank well, giving user the content they are looking for. That is our job after all. To deliver the content to the user, quick and easy!

You will continue to see posts here at DKD even as we grow and get too damn busy, I will find time.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

What to Expect from SEO?

This is part 3 of the "What is SEO?" series.

Part 1 - What is SEO?  
Part 2 - What is SEO really?

Now that we know what SEO is lets look into what you can expect from search engine optimization.

First as I have stated in previous posts there is no one true SEO approach. Search engine optimization is really an ART with many varying styles and approaches. With that said know that there is also many varying levels of success. You can see how with these factors in mind it can be hard for a business/website owner to take SEO serious. You never really know exactly what the SEO consultant is going to do because much of the trade masked in secrecy and weird acronyms. On top of that the art is constantly evolving and changing to keep up with current user trends and the ever dreaded Google algorithm updates. What you thought you needed yesterday to get ranked will get you de-indexed by Google today. Wow really?

So..............What can you expect from search engine optimization.

Well, keeping the above in mind here are a few basics.

The Audit or Analysis

This can come in many forms and flavors but is always a necessary first step. Sometimes a firm will do this ahead of time and only call once they establish you are a good fit for their services. Some companies will charge a one time fee and check your site regardless of whether you want their SEO service or not. Others will give a free analysis in hopes in selling you on the areas in which you can improve. I personally prefer a basic free analysis upfront and a much more in-depth audit once services have been purchased.

Some things included might be (but not limited to) checking current ranking for desired keywords, doing keyword research, looking for popularity and competition, onsite and user experience analysis, checking current back links and social media.

The Plan

Once your website has had an overview its time to start formulating a strategy and plan. This is something that is either developed by the SEO consultant and the business owner together or the SEO is given full control as the online expert with only input and guidance from owners. Either way this is a crucial step in the process. You need to have a well defined plan as to what you hope to accomplish.  This will mark the target for you to aim at and provide clear benchmarks of success. Your strategy will obviously change and evolve as you hit goals or reach failure.

Implementation and Waiting

Now its time to put your plan into action. Your SEO consultant and web designer will implement the changes decided on. Next is possibly the hardest part of the process. The waiting! It takes time for your page to get indexed by Google and the other engines. After the first updates have taken effect in the search results it will also take some time for users to notice and adapt to the changes. You need to have a fairly large amount of results to track patterns and trends and this takes time.

Analysis and Change

No SEO campaign is flawless. Mainly because no one can predict exactly how the search engines will react to your changes and how the users will behave and interact with your site until they do. The results will be tracked and used as the basis for future updates and changes. Doing more of what is working well. Doing less of or approaching differently what isn't working so well. Adding content and doing A - B testing to find what works best. Once goals have been met you start the process over!
Are you getting results!

So what should you expect from an SEO company?

I would expect that any good search engine optimization company would be successful in significantly increasing search impressions and improving site traffic through search engine referrals. What exactly that means to you and your business/website is ultimately up to you and your SEO company to determine. Set your expectation realistically and let them grow with your site traffic.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ABC's of Search Engine Optimization

Google is fast and getting even faster. Instant search has been giving us suggestions on what we may be searching for with only one letter. As you continue to type Google continues to get more accurate with its guesses until there are 5 possible alterations of the word you're looking to search for. It only makes sense to stop typing and click one of the listed possibilities. So what does this have to do with SEO? Well instant search is changing they way we interact with our search engine and by default how we should optimize. After reading this post I decided I wanted to take the instant SEO chart one step further. So I made this chart for the first 3 letters of the alphabet going 2 letters deep. The results also have locations factored in so anytime I started getting Spanish results (I'm in Albuquerque, New Mexico) I would cross reference with the same search done from New York. This will give you a base idea and something to start with however by no means is this the end all be all. Google is constantly changing its algorithm. Combine that with the vastly different results based on location and then factor in whatever is popular at the present moment mixed with anything you may have +1'd and you will have a completely different instant search result. I  did try to reference theses across two locations New York and Albuquerque so that this may be beneficial to a wider audience.

This is important to track and study from a SEO standpoint because it gives a little insight into what Google thinks is popular. Let me rephrase that: It tells you what Google knows is most popular at the time. Try typing your keywords one letter at a time and track what Google comes back with.


amazon aaa abc family act
american airlines aapl abc news weather accuweather
aol aarons abc act of valor

addicting games aeropostale affect vs effect agame
adobe aetna affinity age of war
adele aes aflac agnostic

ahrc airline tickets ajc ako
aha air force ajax akc
ahima aim aj lee ak 47

aldo amazon android market aol
allrecipes american airlines anthroplogie aon
allstate american express angry birds aopa

apple aquarius armani ashley furniture
app aqueduct  area codes ask
apa format aquagrill archer asus
att autozone avg awolnation
athleta autotrader avis awake
atlantis audacity avon awkward family photos

axl rose ayn rand az map
axe ayahuasca az lottery
axial ayurvedic aziz ansari

bank of america bank of america bbc bcbg
best buy barnes and noble bb kings bcc
bing babies r us bb&t bccls

bdc best buy bfcu bgr
bdc bed bath and beyond bfro bgames
bddw beyonce bf3 bgc partners

bharat movies bing bjs bk menue
bhldn big bang theory bjork bk honda
bh comsmetics big lots bj penn bke jeans

blockbuster bmi bnsf bones
blogger bmw bnp boost mobile
blue book bmw motorcycles bn box head

bp blue q breaking bad bsf
bpa bq breaking dawn part 2 bsa
bp jobs bqpa brainpop bsf lessons

BT BU BV BW burlington coat  factory bvlgari bwi
bti burger king bvac ammo bww
btd5 budget bvsn bwcinema

bx holloman afb byu bzzagent
bx1000g byu basketball bz grill
bxslider byutv bzp


craigslist carmax cbs ccleaner
cool math games capital one cbs sports
cnn cartoon network cbs news cccp

cdc centurylink cfr cgc
cdot century bank cfa cgi
cdnn celebrity apprentice cfc cgtalk

chase city of….. cj box cky
cheap flight citibrands cj wilson ckrc
cheaper than dirt citibank cj banks cks

club penguin cm to inches cnn continental airlines
cleverbot cm punk cnet costco
classzone cm to feet cnbc cool math games

cpi cq/cx craigslist csi
cpk cq researcher crate and barrel csu
cpa cqp crossfit css

cthulhu currency converter cvs cw shows
ctlhelp cubefield cvs pharmacy cw post
ctrl alt del current events cvs caremark cw gossip girl
cxxvi cyanide and happiness czech republic
cx-5 cydia czechoslovakia
cxracing cycletrader cz rifles

 Feel free to take this even one step further................just make sure to send me the link!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

10 Apps: Business Enthusiasts Can't Do Without!

In order to remain professionals, business specialists must have only the best apps. As business people only want what’s great and innovative, they like pay close attention to app marketing nowadays, as this is the latest method of advertising that can really boost businesses revenue, regardless of the field of activity.     
Evernote & Springpad
The first in the top of these ten great marketing apps for managing time, increasing productivity and organizing is called Evernote & Springpad. Even if these are in fact two apps, just because they have the same purpose makes everybody regard them as one. These programs are great for quickly sorting files, and in fact every piece of information you have noted in the form of voice recordings, texts or images. With them, you can also synchronize mobile notes and desktops, but additionally with Springpad you can also create barcode notes.
The second app is ListPro, a simple program that lets you create the lists you need in a very simple manner. The multiple formatting options allow you to create from simple grocery lists to really complex maps of tasks related to work projects.
In third place is Calengoo. If you use Google Calendars, this app lets you access and then edit your Google Calendars from your phone. This way, you can view your monthly events and even add tasks to the days that follow, regardless of where you are.
In fourth place, we have Due. This is a very simple app that will allow you to create assignments and also schedule reminders. In addition, this app also comes with a timer you can use in order to see how much time you spent on performing different tasks.
Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite
On number 5 we have an app called Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite. It allows you to access, modify and share your Microsoft Office documents, whatever their form is. Therefore, by using it you’ll never be stuck without your most important documents ever again.
Read It Later
The Read It Later app is sixth place from the top. If your job consists in reading a lot and also doing research, then this is the app for you. With it, you can send web pages and articles to your phone and therefore eliminate the need of bookmarks and saved browser tabs.
The TripIt app is perfect for you in case you’re traveling a lot. With it, you can simply sign up to confirm your flight, your hotel reservation and your rental car info. In addition, this app will be able to create for you, upon request, a very detailed itinerary.
Dragon Dictation
8th place belongs to the Dragon Dictation app which is the perfect one for you in case you’re a person who likes to perform multiple tasks at once. This app can convert speeches into texts, dictate e-mails for you, text messages, and so on, without you ever losing time with this again.
Text’n Drive
In 9th place you can find the Text’n Drive app, perfect for converting texts into speeches, reading instant messages, and letting you concentrate on driving while working n your interest.
Last, but not least, the LinkedIn app is perfect for business professionals, as it allows them to instantly add contacts to their network, and also stay in contact even if they’re offline. There’s nothing better for boosting your networking and productivity than LinkedIn.  

Monday, April 16, 2012

5 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

Increase your Blog Traffic  with 5 simple and easy tactics.

We all want to increase traffic to our blogs because the more readers we have, the better web exposure we get!  Some of the most natural and organic methods of increasing blog traffic are actually the most effective.  Using the five tactics outlined below, you can make a measurable difference in the amount of internet traffic to your blog.

         Be active and visible in the online communities where your target audience already spends time.  Where Madison Avenue advertisers spend billions to figure out how to reach any given demographic, you probably already know where your audience hangs out on the internet. Look for online forums, blogs, and interactive websites with ongoing discussions, and social media circles that relate to the content of your own blog.  Join the sites and communities, and become visibly active with thoughtful comments and judiciously added links to your own content.
         Make it easy for followers to share your content and spread the word to potential new readers through social networking media.  “Sharing” buttons on your blog can enable your readers to publicize your content with a single click of a button, via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Flickr, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, LinkedIn, and a long list of other social networking sites.  Participating in these social networking sites yourself is another way to spread the net for potential followers.  You can adjust your blog settings so every new post will also publish to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other circles, bringing social-circle contacts to the blog itself.
         Read, follow, and comment on other people’s blogs.  Search for blogs with related content, and you will often get an immediate “follow-back” from the bloggers whom you follow.  When they enjoy what they find on your blog, they are also more likely to reference or link to your posts and mention you to their own readers.  Thoughtful comments on other people’s posts might also garner interest from the readers of those blogs, who might check out your blog to look for more material from you.

         Make it easy for readers to follow your blog. Include a “follow” button or email subscription bar, as well as buttons allowing readers to follow your Twitter feed, or connect by networks like Google+ or RSS feeds.  When they follow your blog, one-time visitors become repeat visitors, with regular reminders in their email's inbox or RSS feeds.
         Design your site to be reader-friendly.  An attractive layout, as well as easy-to read fonts and colors, images and graphics, and intuitive navigation can make the difference between a person moving on after a glance and a person returning repeatedly for more.  As you look at various sites online, make a mental note of which layouts are difficult to navigate, which backgrounds make for difficult reading, and which types of navigational structures are confusing and frustrating--and avoid making those mistakes yourself!

These five simple strategies can organically build your readership. In this age of social networking, “readership” is a gift that keeps on giving, as your existing readers share and bring more readers to you.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

So what is SEO Really?

 Part 2 of the previous post What is SEO?

So now that we have established what the dictionary says SEO or Search Engine Optimization is, lets get into what all that really means.

SEO is an ART!

I say this because there are many different strategies, styles and approaches to what SEO is and how it is accomplished. The SEO's tools include Onsite Optimization, Meta Tag Optimization, Keyword Optimization, Social Media, e-Marketing, User Experience, Content Creation and of course possibly the most important Link Building.

Wow that's a lot of stuff and that just the tip of the iceberg. You can probably see how with all these tools you could create vastly different pieces of SEO art. No two SEO campaigns will ever be the same and nor should they be. Every website and business is different and will benefit from different applications of your SEO consultants skills and tools.

Ok........but what is SEO Really?

SEO is reaching your target audience.

Well how do I know who my target audience is?

The people searching for your product, service or business are your target audience. They are actively researching and ready to buy your product or service. It amazes me how little some people seem to care about SEO or can't even seem to grasp why they would need or want it. SEO is the equivalent of advertising and marketing to only the customers who want to buy your product or service NOW!

Let me give you an analogous example:

Two college students after a long night of studying decide to grab a bite to eat. One says to the other "I  want to get some pizza, do you know of a good place to grab a slice?" Instantly he is smacked in the face with a flyer for $1.00 slices after midnight, "A College Student Special!". The two hop in the car and head to pizza shop.

This is what SEO is. Putting your product in front of people looking for it NOW! If your not using SEO your losing out on free customers. Lets be honest, who still uses the phone book? NO ONE!
Why because Google is smarter and faster, will give me prices, specials, and even show me pictures. That's why.

If your web site can't be found on the first few pages of Google when your target keywords are searched your website is just an online business brochure. People who already know of your business and website will visit for more info and to check you latest specials. But your not earning revenue from new customers in fact your probably not even getting any new page visits.

Ok so now that you rank on Google whats next?

Now that your getting impression from people searching your keyword you need to convert those impressions into clicks. This is what is referred to as CTR or Click Through Rate. This is the percentage of people who see you website listing and actually click on it. Even if you have great onsite OP and your getting listed, it does no good unless people actually click on your link and visit your site.

Now that they are there....

Once we have new visitors to our site we need to give them the content they are looking for and make it easy to find and use. If the user doesn't immediately find what they are looking for they will leave. This is what is called Bounce Rate. The percentage of people who visit your site who instantly leave. Not only is this bad because your losing potential money and customers but it actually negatively effects how Google ranks your page. Why? This is because Google want to provide the searcher with the best possible content. If you have a high bounce rate Google thinks your content and User Experience suck (which it probably does).

Time to Convert....

Now that we have actively engaged our users and provided them the content they desire the next step is to turn them into Customers. This is most likely the most important step for online businesses and the only thing most business owners care about. Unfortunately most people don't understand it's not that simple. It's actually a long and complicated process that takes skill and practice.

So to recap.....

SEO is the art of getting your webpage ranked on Google for your target keywords. Converting search impressions into clicks. Keeping your visitors on your site by providing great content, and converting page visits into revenue.

Search Optimization is best applied from the very beginning of your websites creation. So hire a web designer who knows what they are doing from the start if you plan on making money off the website.  It will be cheaper in the long run and you will rank much quicker than trying to build your own webpage and then optimizing it after.

Part 3 - What to Expect from SEO?

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Google+ is the newest social networking site to hit the internet. It hasn't quite caught up with Facebook but it is gaining momentum. In less than one year, it has over 90 million users worldwide. Businesses are gravitating towards this new social platform. Google is already instrumental to driving traffic to your website. Most people use this search engine to find products and services. Many business professionals use YouTube to advertise their company. By the way, YouTube is owned by Google. Google+ is another way to send traffic to your website. 
            Google+ works very similar to Facebook. On Facebook, people can “like” your page, status, photos, and other items. This will appear in the user's timeline and increase your visibility.  Google+ users can also “like” your page. It involves adding your business to a “circle.” The main difference between Google+ and Facebook is that Google wants your page to be found. It uses their social media platform to impact the search results. Google+ allows users to share your information with a target audience. Let's say you are posting about an artist's new release. Google+ users can share that post with friends who are interested in that style of music. They could also share this post with people who are interested in similar artists.
            Now that you know about Google+, let's discuss how to get started using this platform. The first step is to sign up for an account. When filling out your page, you want to use popular keywords. This will help your page get ranked high in the search results.  Keep your page interesting, engaging and professional. The goal is to attract new business and maintain existing business. Add links throughout your page. Google+ allows you to add links a variety of different places. Use this to your advantage but don't go overboard. This will also help increase visibility in the search results. Create a compelling tagline to attract customers.  Influence the likelihood of your page viewed by creating a tagline that will hook the user. It will also appear when a user mouses over your business name. Spread the word about your business page. You want people to know that it exists. You can add an interactive badge to your company website. This allows your potential clients to add your page to their circle. Get your employees involved. Encourage them to add your website to their links section of their Google+ page. They can share your page with their circle. This will help your Google+ page spread virally.
            Google+ is the newest social networking site on the web. The number of users is growing daily and this trend is expected to continue. It gives users the ability to “like” your page by sharing with friends who are interested in your company. You should use popular keywords and links throughout your site. This will get your page high in the search results. Google is already successful in driving traffic to your website. Why not use it as a social medium to interact with potential and existing clients?